Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Free Agency Thoughts

On the eve of free agency opening in the CFL, I thought I'd give a couple of thoughts on what might help the Cats field a better team in 2011. There are a couple of areas that the Cats need to focus on in order to improve on back-to-back 9-9 seasons with first-round playoff exits.

The Secondary still needs to be upgraded, and the Cats could go in many directions in regards to that. For one, they should try their darnedest to retain Geoff Tisdale. If that does not happen (or even if it does) the Cats should look at both Dwight Anderson and Jonathan Hefney. They cannot not sign both of them (nor do they need to), but I would like to see one of them in Black & Gold in 2011.

Toronto's Kevin Huntley should be pursued as well. With the loss of Garrett McIntyre to the New York Jets, getting Huntley would help immensely.

I would also like to see the Cats try and retain all of their own pending free agents. George Hudson could provide good depth (but I suspect he won't be brought back); ditto Brian Ramsey; Jermaine Reid really looks to be coming into his own, and having Canadian depth on the Defensive Line is also a good thing; and Adam Nicolson and Steve Schmidt never really had a chance to showcase themselves in 2010 because of injury. I'd really like to see what both could do when fully healthy.

A couple of other players that the Cats might kick the tires of that could help are Running Backs Avon Cobourne and Yvenson Bernard, Receiver Kelly Campbell and Offensive Lineman Ben Archibald. I would be surprised if any of them landed in Hamilton, but all of them would be welcome additions. Out of the four, I especially like Bernard because he could provide decent competition for DeAndra' Cobb and probably not be too cost prohibitive.

So those are my pre-free agency thoughts. The fun begins at 12:01AM EST tomorrow. Let the games begin.

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