Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cobourne's Number, Clarification on the Cats in 2012 and Some More Schedule Talk

When a new player signs, the first thing I always wonder is what number he will wear. Avon Cobourne wore #6 in Montreal, but Marquay McDaniel wears #6 for the Cats. So this got me wondering what number he will wear when he takes the field for the first time with Hamilton.

So what did I do? It's 2011, so I took to Twitter to ask the man himself. His answer was short and sweet: #22.

So anyone who wants to grab an Avon Cobourne jersey early (as in before they find their way onto the shelves of the Tigertown Store), you now know what number to put on said jersey.

In my piece where I took the CFL to task for the Labour Day Classic fiasco, one of the reasons I was so angry was because I thought that the Cats would be playing all of their 2012 games away from Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Well, thanks to one of my Twitter followers, I have been informed that the Cats will likely play 2013, not 2012, away from Ivor Wynne Stadium while it undergoes renovations.

I still do not like the idea that the Argos and Cats won't be playing on the first Monday in September in 2011, but at least we Tiger-Cat fans won't be robbed of the Labour Day Classic two years in a row.

Continuing the Twitter trend, as many of you probably know, I Tweet what I write to my followers. When I Tweeted my post about the schedule fiasco, the CFL's Twitter feed responded. I don't blame the league, per se, for the scheduling problem; I understand that the stadium formerly known as the SkyDome is to blame. But more should have been done to ensure that the Labour Day Classic was played.

That said, I wonder if the reason the schedule was delayed so long (it took almost three weeks from first mention to actual release) was because the league was doing everything it could to get the Labour Day Classic on there?

What's done is done, but I hope I never have to write about the Argos not being in Hamilton on Labour Day again.


  1. But you had a fair point - why is it not ok for the Argos to be playing only 3 times in Toronto during the first nine games, but it *IS* ok for the TCs to be playing only 3 times in Hamilton during the last nine? (the Cats may be getting compensated as "host" but Moncton is NOT going to be a home game)

    Personally, I don't think the schedule is that bad even with the plethora of away games in the second half of the season. But the league should be applying the same logic to each team, to ensure equality as much as possible.

  2. PS: if McDaniel is traded, problem solved. ;-)

  3. I stand by my criticism of the scheduling snafu in regards to the away games. And I don't think it's a big deal either. In fact, I never would have looked that closely at that aspect of the Cats' schedule had the league not made a big deal about it in regards to the Argos. Had Cohon not used that as the specific reason, I never would have thought anything of it.

    That said, I didn't want anyone to think I was solely blaming the league. I felt I came off a little too harsh -- a point that someone who I reads, but rarely comments pointed out -- and I felt a little explanation was needed on my end. I still don't like the fact that the Cats play the Als on Labour Day, but I do recognize that the league does not deserve 100% of the blame.