Wednesday 7 April 2010

Tiger on the Loose?

If you are like me you constantly go to the Tiger-Cats website (which I have linked to on the sidebar) during your Internet rounds. If, like me, you went on there today, you saw an interesting link. It was a link to the website for the Public Health and Safety Board about a tiger being on the loose in downtown Hamilton. They have a picture of the tiger that seems to be skulking around Gore Park and a video of the gentleman who snapped the photo of said tiger.

This seems like an odd article to see on the homepage of a professional football team. Sure, the team is the Tiger-Cats and this is a tiger, but there aren't any other connections other than that and the fact that the tiger was in Hamilton. Many people on the Ti-Cat forum have been sleuthing their butts off trying to figure out just what this means, and it seems like this is a publicity stunt by the team. Here are some of the suspect items that people have found:
  • The "Public Heath and Safety Board" does not exist as an entity at the federal, provincial or municipal level
  • There is no Channel 13 in Hamilton
  • Jason Riley, the name of the person who allegedly took the photo, was also the name of a former Tiger-Cat Offensive Lineman
  • The parking lot that "Jason Riley" stopped in front of leads to 1 Jarvis St., which is the location of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats offices and the Tigertown Store
  • The domain name is registered to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club.
If all of this is true it begs the question: just what does the team have planned? They wouldn't go to all this trouble for nothing, so they must have something big in the works. I wonder what it is. Anyone care to offer any opinions?


  1. Watched the video on the site and also called their toll free number. It looks like this may be a season opening publicity stunt revolving around "tigers in the park" as they mention that phrase quite a few times. Am I the only one excited...season can't come soon enough!

  2. Only one? HELL NO! I can't wait for the season to begin! It'll be here before we realize it!

  3. Actually this is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time. My elderly mother lives on park street downtown hamilton and is now afraid to go outside, afraid to go to church, afraid to do her daily shopping. Thanks Tiger cats, for making my mother a shut-in with your publicity stunt. This should have been thought out a little better, on the other hand, you managed to temporarily solve the drug/homeless problem in the gore park area.

  4. It probably could have been thought out better, I won't deny that. It does seem like a dangerous thing to do, especially considering that if an actual tiger was on the loose, it would be cause for great concern. It seems like something that was conceived without thinking of what consequences could arise. All I'm saying is that it better be worth it.

  5. To Anonymous from Anonymous,
    You and your mother should realize that even if there was a tiger lurking about downtown Its not going to come out with the volume of people that walk around down town. And since now you have signs of proof that this is only a stunt you should let your mother in on it. No one has been attacked by this tiger and if shes worried about anything it should be the down town crazy people.

  6. ==
    if this information were correct theyd be saying a 50 year old man who just who just so happens to know how to use a camera phone took this pic then ran for BLOCKS to get to safety ?????? his son maybe but not him

    reply to andremelech

  7. lol oh man
    It's the year of the tiger cats
    A tiger in the park
    Come on people clearly this is a sign that this is our year!
    Go cats Go! :)

  8. Very irresponsible of their organization.
    If the website didnt have "Health and Saftey Board" and "Canada" at the top of the site, then by all means say whatever you like.
    If it was an independant "news" site, and not trying to appear like a legit Health Canada site, then that would be fine, but there are many internet users out there who cant tell a fake site when they see it, and this caused many for concern when initially viewing it.

  9. Did anyone see the 4-page spread in the Spec today? It said "Advertising Feature" at the top of the page. Good or bad, this has really sparked an interest. I'm curious as to what this will lead to.

  10. I agree it was quite irresponsible, considering my 7 year old sister and 10 year old brother are deathly afraid of tigers, and the fact that it was "seen" near my house is not helping them either, my brother was too afraid to go get his skateboard from out front this morning, thanks, friggen assholes.

  11. I swear, whoever set this up is retarded. If we are willing to scare the living shit out Hamilton for a few extra fans at Ivor Win, we are too desperate, and we should get rid of the tiger cats if its coming to this. Like sure, I like the Ti-Cats, but come on people.

  12. I seen the tiger and beat the shit out of it. Your welcome Hamilton!

  13. DK your comment makes no sense, has no validity in this forum and comes off and unintelligent.
    "Dear Stupid" ... what are you?? 12 years old?
    How can you tell them its a joke when signs were posted at bus shelters and the website made no claim of it being a joke, thats the whole discussion here.....

    Think before you post....
    and you misspelled "english"...