Monday 12 December 2011

What the Ray Trade Means for Hamilton

The story went from rumours to fact rather quickly, and now that the dust has settled, Ricky Ray is the newest member of the Toronto Argonauts.

The Argos dealt the recently signed Steven Jyles (who will be on his fourth team in four seasons), Kicker Grant Shaw and a the second-overall pick in the 2012 draft. A very steep price, but one worth paying if you're the Argos.

Toronto, as everyone knows, will host the Grey Cup next season and they are going all-in to get there. Adding Ray helps with that, but that alone will not take them from 6-12 to Grey Cup champions. The Argos need a major upgrade at Receiver if this trade is to mean anything. With the exception of Andre Durie, the Argos have no one that scares opposing Defenses.

Jeremaine Copeland is old, with little left in the tank. Chad Owens is much better suited as a Kick Returner, where he can be a big difference maker, than trying to force him into the Offense as a Receiver. And then there's Maurice Mann. If he's as good as he says he is, then Ray has his target. Unfortunately for Ray, he's not. Mann talks better than he plays, and his stat line proves that. But Mann's best season did come in Edmonton, so maybe Ray can get out of Mann what Hamilton could not.

And like all moves that the Argos make, it has implications on the Ti-Cats, and this one is all about Henry Burris

Ray going to Toronto basically means that it's Hamilton or bust for Burris. Burris does not want to be a backup, and the only team he could have a chance to start for is Hamilton (unless Winnipeg is worried about the Ray move and takes Burris instead of re-signing Buck Pierce).

For an off-season that is not even a month old, things have been moving at a rapid pace. Wonder what will happen next.


  1. I think you're a little hard on Chad Owens - he'll play a greater role with an experienced quarterback like Ricky. That said, you're bang on about the rest of their receivers... most teams are able to shut down one receiver - you really need second and third viable options for offensive success - that's where Toronto may be lacking.

    Also - Ricky Ray - 2007, 2008 Ricky - by all means, but I'm not so sure he's still got it! We'll see.

  2. What about Burris to Edmonton to tutor Jyles for another year...

    I think this offseason is to early to predict anything, we could see a lot more shuffling happen in the coming months..

    McPherson to?
    Jyles stays in Edm?
    Pierce? Brink?
    Does Durant stay in Sask?

    I think the only thing is certain is Cavillo in MTL, Ray in TOR, Lulay in BC (unless he's eligible for an NFL shot)....

    All I know is that our Tiger-Cats need to move quickly to stay on track...