Friday 23 December 2011

Dickenson Withdraws; Time to Hire Burke

Looks like the Ti-Cats are down to one coaching candidate, as word is that Dave Dickenson has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Ti-Cats Head Coaching vacancy.

The news that Dickenson will return to Calgary should not come as a surprise. He is a West Division guy, and he is probably the guy that will take over for John Hufnagel when he decides to hang up the headset.

With Dickenson out of the running, that leaves Winnipeg Defensive Coordinator Tim Burke as the lone candidate left. If the Tabbies do not sign Burke either tomorrow (which is highly unlikely since it is Christmas Eve) or early next week, it could lend credence to the idea that they are after Buffalo Bills Quarterbacks Coach George Cortez.

It's been no secret that Burke has always been the preferred candidate of yours truly, so hopefully the Ti-Cats can get his name on a contract sooner rather than later. Unlike some, I'm not too worried that the Cats have yet to select their Head Coach, but the team does need to pick someone soon or this could get farcical.

Forget Cortez; it is time to get Burke and get on with other business. Burke is an excellent choice; everywhere he has gone he has experienced success. It's time for the Ti-Cats to make a decision, and Dave Dickenson's decision made Hamilton's that much easier.

So Obie, Caretaker, if you are reading this: it's time to hire Tim Burke.

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