Monday 19 December 2011

Three Questions: Toronto Argonauts

The end of the season always brings a host of questions, today we tackle three question facing the Toronto Argonauts.

1. Will Scott Milanovich make a difference?
There has been a lot of buzz around Milanovich the past couple of seasons, and now we get to see if the hype can be matched by results. Milanovich was surrounded by star talent in Montreal, with Anthony Calvillo, Jamel Richardson, S.J. Green, Ben Cahoon, Brandon Whitaker and Avon Cobourne playing for him during his time as the Als' Offensive Coordinator. He inherits a Toronto team that doesn't have anywhere near the calibre of players that he had in Montreal. Cory Boyd is a very good Running Back, Andre Durie has the makings of a good Receiver, and the team traded for Ricky Ray to shore up the Quarterback position, but other than that, the cupboard is pretty bare. But he has his shot, and we're going to find out if Montreal made Milanovich or not.

2. Who will Ricky Ray throw to?
The biggest move of the off-season so far is the Argos trading for Ricky Ray. Ray is one of the top Quarterbacks in the CFL and instantly makes Toronto a better team. But a Quarterback is only as good as his Receivers, and Toronto is lacking in that department. Ray will likely have Andre Durie, Chad Owens, Maurice Mann, Spencer Watt and Jeremaine Copeland as his receiving corps. A murderers' row they are not. It's possible that Ray could get out of these guys what Cleo Lemon and Steven Jyles could not – Ray is, after all, a much better player than either of those two – but it will take some work. Results should be better, but it's far from a lock that the Argos' Offense, even with Ray, will be that much better. Now, if they break the bank to sign Andy Fantuz...

3. Will they pull a BC Lions?
Everything Toronto has done since the 2011 season ended was to try to ensure that they can do what BC did and win the Grey Cup at home. It's unlikely they accomplish their goal. This type of massive overhaul – new Head Coach, new Coordinators, new Quarterback – would have been better last off-season. That way, the team could have had a year to work out any kinks and made a few minor, but important, acquisitions this off-season. This much change in one off-season rarely leads to a championship. The Argos will be better, but they won't be a 14-win team or a Grey Cup champion in 2012. Maybe in 2013, but not 2012.

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