Thursday 22 December 2011

Three Question: Canadian Football League

The end of the season always brings a host of questions, today we tackle three question facing the Canadian Football League.

1. Will we see any rule changes?
The CFL is one of the few leagues that has no problems tweaking their rules for the betterment of the game. I expect the league will make some changes, but one that needs to happen is one I've talked about before: automatic replay on all potential scoring plays. Scoring plays, above all others, need to be correct as close to 100 per cent of the time as possible. If the league makes no other rule changes this off-season, they must at least make this one.

2. Will the league address the reffing issue?
People complaining about officiating is nothing new, but even the most ardent supporters of the league's officials must admit that the officiating in 2011 was worse than normal. There were a ton of bad calls that cost teams dearly. There is no single solution; it's not like the league can just wave a wand and magically make the refs better. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, so the league needs to step up and do something to ensure a repeat of 2011 does not happen.

3. Will we finally get a date for Ottawa's return?
This has been a question that has hovered over the league since the city was given a conditional franchise back in 2008. It looks like all the hurdles put forth by single-minded buffoons have been swept aside and construction will begin at Lansdowne Park soon. That means we are that much closer to the stadium being ready. We might not get a firm date, but it looks like we could have a more secure tentative date in the next six months.

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