Tuesday 13 December 2011

Three Questions: BC Lions

The end of the season always brings a host of questions, today we tackle three question facing the BC Lions.

1. What does Travis Lulay do for an encore?
In his first full season as a starting Quarterback, Travis Lulay won the league's Most Outstanding Player Award, the Grey Cup and Grey Cup Most Valuable Player. That's going to be hard to top. While he is unlikely to match his 2011 season in 2012 in terms of post-season accolades, he will continue to show everyone why he is the next CFL superstar.

2. What does the change at Head Coach mean?
With Buono stepping down as Head Coach and Benevides taking over, things will be different in Vancouver in 2012. But this will be a smooth transition. Benevides will not have a short rope, like Greg Marshall did in Saskatchewan, and the team that Benevides is inheriting is stocked with talent, both young and old. BC should still be considered one of the top teams, even with the change at Head Coach. This will probably be the most seamless coaching change of the off-season.

3. Can the Lions repeat?
The big question facing every defending champion is: can they win it again? With BC, the answer is a resounding yes. They have to be the odds-on favourite to at least get back to the Grey Cup from the West because of all the changes the other three teams are going through. Edmonton will have a new starting Quarterback for the first time in years; Calgary will be hoping that Drew Tate can do for them what Travis Lulay did for BC in 2011; and Saskatchewan will once again have a new Head Coach and could be dealing with the loss of Andy Fantuz. It all adds up to BC at least getting themselves into the big game in Toronto, which gives them a shot to repeat.

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