Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What Type of Reception Will Glenn Receive?

Tomorrow's game features the return of former Tiger-Cat quarterback Kevin Glenn to Hamilton as he leads the Calgary Stampeders against Henry Burris and the Ti-Cats.

Glenn quarterbacked the Tiger-Cats for three seasons and in each of them the team made the playoffs. He was a great player who was one of the many that helped turn this franchise around. Without Glenn's play, this team was probably not in a position to get "more better" this off-season. Not everyone sees Glenn's time here in the same light that I do, which makes me wonder what type of reception he will get at the start of the game.

I truly hope the fans don't boo Glenn when he is introduced (likely on Calgary's first offensive series). Glenn didn't ask to leave and he gave it his all while he was here. He deserves to get a nice cheer for all the years of great play he gave the fans at Ivor Wynne Stadium. I hope the fans feel the same way I do and show the class that I know we Tiger-Cat fans have. Booing Glenn just means we're like every other fan base who can't look beyond the new jersey (and do we really want to be compared to those irrational Burris-hating Rider fans?). We Tiger-Cat fans are better than that, so let's give Glenn the welcome he deserves for what he did to help the Tiger-Cats mean something again.

After that first cheer, feel free to boo, but we should show Glenn that we appreciated what he did while he was here and the only way to do that is to give him a cheer and a clap when he first steps on the field. I really hope that's what I see and here tomorrow night.

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