Saturday, 4 August 2012

Baggs Signs With the Ravens

I have never hid the fact that I am a fan of Stevie Baggs. I never hid the fact that I thought the team was wrong to let him go back in March. But since the Ti-Cats are in the midst of a three-game winning streak and things are going smoothly in Hamilton, thinking about past negatives isn't something I want do. But I bring Baggs up for one reason.

He has signed with the NFL's Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens had an opening on their 90-man training camp roster and have brought Baggs in to compete for a spot at linebacker. He will also have to contribute on special teams if he hopes to make the team.

This kind of came out of nowhere and it does seem odd that the guy who was deemed not good enough to play for the Ti-Cats is now a member of the Baltimore Ravens. So was Cortez and crew wrong or is Baggs now more suited to be a pass-rushing linebacker in the NFL than a pass-rushing end in the CFL? This is a very weird situation. While I am sure this has happened before, I can't think of many times a player was cut from a CFL team for lack of performance, which was the reason given for his release, and was signed by an NFL team. But it's just more of a noodle-scratcher than me placing blame on anyone. It is just a very strange situation.

But like Justin Medlock, Marcus Thigpen, Justin Hickman and Garrett McIntyre before him, I wish Baggs the best of luck in trying to make it in the NFL.

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