Sunday, 12 August 2012

Argos Release Cory Boyd

In a move that no one could have seen coming, the Toronto Argonauts have released starting running back Cory Boyd.

Boyd currently leads the league in rushing and has been one of the few players the Argos could rely on for steady production the last two-plus season. Yet when speaking about his release, Argonaut GM Jim Barker said that "a different style of play is needed at running back to heighten the success of our new offense." If this is truly the reasoning, then Barker is a bigger idiot than I previously thought. If your offense doesn't have a place for Cory Boyd in it, then there is a problem with your offense.

Now we get to wonder where Boyd will land. I know there will be those clamouring for his signing in Hamilton, but I don't see that as likely. I would love nothing more than to see Boyd in Black & Gold running over his former teammates on Labour Day, but I don't think the Ti-Cats will make the move to pick him up. They seem happy with Chevon Walker, and while Boyd is undeniably a better running back, I just don't see them making a play for him. I hope I'm wrong because the idea of a Boyd-Walker, 1-2 punch has me giddy.

I can't imagine Boyd will be out of work for long, so we should know sooner rather than later where he ends up.

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