Friday 31 August 2012

Batman is a Tiger-Cat Fan... Sorta

Every now and then two things I enjoy crossover into one another. Last fall, there was a scene on the ABC sitcom Modern Family that featured footage of Quinton Porter and there was footage of a Toronto-Hamilton game shown on the FX sitcome The League. Well, this might top them all.

Director Kevin Smith (best known for his film Clerks) does a podcast with comedian Ralph Garman called Hollywood Babble-On. Garman is a master impressionist and one of his best impression is of 60s Batman star Adam West. So when the guys took their Hollywood Babble-On show on the road, they stopped in Ottawa. Two Hamiltonians attended the show and asked that Ralph do an impression of Adam West... doing the Oskee Wee Wee chant.

While the Argos may be the Boatmen, the Tiger-Cats have the Batman... kinda. Your move, Argos!

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