Tuesday, 14 August 2012

All-Time Receivers

When it came out that fans would be choosing an all-time Tiger-Cat team, I thought the toughest decisions would be at receiver. Well, the list of receivers up for the team has been unveiled and I think I was right. There are 16 names on the list, four of which will be on the team, and picking those four will be the most difficult task fans will have to make regarding the all-time team. There are eight Hall of Famers, and that doesn't include fan favourites Tony Champion and Earl Winfield.

I truly do not know how fans are going to pick only four. Two people could pick two different foursomes and neither would be wrong. Is a group of Champion, Winfield, Tommy Grant and Hal Patterson more deserving than a Tommy Joe Coffey, Garney Henley, Darren Flutie, Rocky DiPietro quartet? I think age is going to be a deciding factor in the selections made by fans. Older fans will probably gravitate more towards guys like Coffey, Henley, Patterson and Grant, while younger fans will skew more towards Winfield, Champion, DiPietro and Flutie.

The four chosen will be more than deserving, but those left off the team will be just as deserving. This is why I thought, and still think, that picking the receivers for the all-time team will be the most difficult for fans.

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