Wednesday 29 August 2012

Kick Returners Galore

It was a good week to be a kick returner or former kick returner for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Kick returners have dominated Tiger-Cat news the last couple of days.

For starters, Chris Williams has once again be named the Special Teams Player of the Week. This is the third time this season that Williams has been named the top special teams player. He won his first award following his two-return-touchdown performance against the Argos in Week 3 and again for his exploits against the Blue Bombers in Week 8. Williams was also named the top special teamer for the month of July and I expect him to be named that again for the month of August. I think whoever engraves the year-end awards might want to start working on the Most Outstanding Special Teams Player trophy because barring something drastic, I don't see how Williams doesn't take the award home.

As far as former kick returners are concerned, the Ti-Cats unveiled the list of the kick returners up for the all-time team. Four players are up for the team – Rufus Crawford, Garney Henley, Earl Winfield and Wally Zatylny – but Winfield is going to be the one how wins. The guy is the best returner this team has ever seen (well, at least until this season) and he is pretty much a shoe-in for this spot. That's not disrespect to the other three players, but let's not get too cute with this one. Winfield is the pick.

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