Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tiger-Cats Release Jerome Dennis

In what Drew Edwards is describing as a "better is better" move, the Tiger-Cats have released Defensive Back Jerome Dennis.

I thought Dennis had a chance to be the standout performer in Hamilton's Secondary this season. I liked what I saw out of him in 2010, and I thought he would carry that forward into 2011. He played in Week 1, was benched in Week 2 and played again in Week 3 when an injury forced Carlos Thomas out.

It looks like the play of Daniel Francis over the weekend caused a chain reaction that sees Dennis out of Hamilton. Francis returning from injury makes him the starting Safety, which pushed Jason Shivers back to Defensive Halfback, which makes Dennis expendable.

It is still a surprising move, but one has to wonder if perhaps Dennis didn't take to the new defensive scheme of Corey Chamblin as quickly as the coaching staff would have liked.

In any event, I'm sure Dennis will find a team out there willing to take him in. He's a good player and can contribute to any of the other seven teams in the CFL.

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  1. Should of release Jason Shivers. The guy can't tackle.