Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Jerome Dennis Conundrum

Earlier this week, in a somewhat surprising move, the Ti-Cats released Defensive Back Jerome Dennis. Just a day later, the BC Lions signed Dennis.

This brings up an interesting conundrum seeing as the Tiger-Cats travel to Vancouver to take on the Lions tomorrow night. Dennis has been with the Cats all through the off-season, Training Camp, the preseason and the first three games of the 2011 season, so he is intimately familiar with the schemes and tendencies of Hamilton's Defense.

At first I was worried, but then Dennis came out and said the following in an interview with The Vancouver Sun:
“I know the [Hamilton] defence inside out. I pretty much know the offensive scheme. I’ll leak all of that to my new team. I’ll let everybody know anything we need to do to win. I’ll sit down with the players and coaches and share my knowledge. Individually, I’ve already gone to Geroy [Simon] and told him how he can beat his man."
Drew Edwards then went and got comments from Tiger-Cats Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille where Bellefeuille downplays any advantage that the Lions might have because they signed Dennis.

Now, the one thing I learned long ago was that when someone yaps, they don't have much to back it up. In my opinion, if Dennis really had inside information on the Tiger-Cats, he would not have mouthed off in the press. He'd have kept that information in house and shared it with his teammates. The fact that Dennis lipped off tells me that he doesn't know as much as he wants people to think he knows.

The Lions might beat the Ti-Cats tomorrow night, but if they do it will have little to nothing to do with Jerome Dennis.

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