Thursday, 21 July 2011

Smitty's Selections: Week 4

Four games played, four correct picks by me. Coming off an 0-for-4 showing the week before, I needed that. It also shows that I probably have no idea what I'm doing and that luck, more than anything, plays a role in my success or lack thereof.

Hamilton at British Columbia

Hamilton is coming off their most impressive performance against a terrible Saskatchewan team, whereas BC is coming of their worst performance against a very good Edmonton team. BC is still looking for their first win, while Hamilton has won in Vancouver the last two seasons. This one will be close, but Hamilton ekes out the victory.

Winner: Hamilton, 27-23

Winnipeg at Toronto

I have gone back and forth on this one more times than I can remember. One day I think Toronto should be my choice based on it being their home opener. Then I think the choice should be Winnipeg, because their Defense is off the charts. Then I think Toronto, because Winnipeg's Offense is so bad. Then I think Winnipeg, because Toronto's Offense doesn't have much without Cory Boyd. Then I think Toronto, because Buck Pierce is banged up. Then I think Winnipeg, because Cleo Lemon sucks. So for no reason other than a gut pick, I'm taking Toronto at home to squeak out a win.

Winner: Toronto, 23-20

Edmonton at Calgary

I'll go on record saying this is probably the game of the week. The Battle of Alberta ranks behind only the Battle of Ontario (huge bias) in terms of CFL rivalries. The surprising Eskimos are off to their best start since 2002, while Calgary has been hard to figure out. Just like Winnipeg versus Toronto, this one could go either way. Once again, based on nothing but a gut feeling, I'm taking the Stampeders to win this one on home turf..

Winner: Calgary, 30-24

Saskatchewan at Montreal

The only easy game of the week to predict. While Saskatchewan has given Montreal all it can handle the past couple of seasons, right now two teams couldn't be further apart than the Riders and Als. Montreal takes this one easily.

Winner: Montreal, 38-20

Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal

Season Record: 6-6


  1. Josh, I know you're not an Argo guy, but you're the biggest CFL expert that I know personally. Could you give me a thoughtful answer as to why the Argos are sticking with Lemon? It's baffling my mind, the guy cannot play at this level. He sucked in the NFL he sucks in the CFL. Help me understand!

  2. No, I can't explain it. I don't know why Barker insist on sticking with Lemon. It's almost as if he stubbornly refuses to change his mind because he just wants to be right.

    Now, I think the Steven Jyles injury played a role in this as well. I have to think that once Jyles is healthy, he will take the reins. I am a huge fan of Jyles, and I was quite upset when he went to the Boatmen. Once healthy, I think Jyles will be the answer to Toronto's quarterback conundrum.