Friday, 8 July 2011

Preview: Tiger-Cats at Eskimos


Are there must-wins in Week 2? Of course not. But for Hamilton, this game comes mighty close.

The Tiger-Cats had high expectations coming into this season; they responded to those expectations by laying a giant egg on Canada Day against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Eskimos had no expectations coming into this season; they responded by pounding the tar out of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Edmonton won because Ricky Ray was able to pick apart a weak Riders' Secondary because Saskatchewan couldn't get a pass rush.

Hamilton lost because their offense couldn't get going after the second quarter.

This should be an intriguing matchup, because getting pressure is what Hamilton's Defense is all about. So they shouldn't suffer the same fate as the Riders did last Sunday. Ricky Ray showed that if given time he will obliterate you. Hamilton will have to play just as well defensively in this game as they did against Winnipeg if they hope to get the win.

On offense, the Tiger-Cats will just have to get something going. Edmonton's Defense played pretty well against Saskatchewan, making Darian Durant turn over the football four times (three interceptions, one fumble). If Hamilton can limit the turnovers, they should be able to move the ball on Edmonton.

Hamilton needs this game more than Edmonton. If the Cats head home 0-2, with Saskatchewan, BC and Montreal up next, things could get ugly in Steeltown rather quickly.

As always, AM900 CHML will have the game for you on the radio, and TSN will be airing the game on television.


  1. I would argue that Edmonton actually needs the game more. As there is likely gonna be more competition in the western division down the stretch.

  2. Fair enough, but Edmonton is playing with house money. No one, fans included, expect them to make any noise this season. If they go 6-12 and miss the playoffs, there will be no revolt. A loss in this game for the Eskimos will have little-to-no consequences. That's not the case for the Tabbies. There will be a 2-0 team in the East (Winnipeg or Toronto), and there could be two if Montreal beats Saskatchewan. The Cats do not want to start in a two-game hole.