Monday, 20 September 2010

Worst Fear Realized

It looks like Bo Smith is back with the Tiger-Cats.

I've made my feelings known about Smith before, but in case there are any new readers, I'll repeat them.

Bo Smith, to put it frankly, sucks. All the crap that fans have thrown at Jason Shivers this season was thrown at Bo Smith last season. He made a lot of mistakes and was a complete liability out there. I usually defer to the front office on matters such as this, but their constant praise of Bo Smith is completely baffling. He was the very model of inconsistency last season. He made a couple of plays, but he got beat far too often.

People will say, "Well, the Jets thought he was good, so he must be good." Just because he got an NFL tryout does not mean he is good. It just means that people with the Jets baffle me as well. Maybe I have to reevaluate my feelings about Rex Ryan. Of course, they cut him, so their decision making isn't that bad.

What I don't understand is why bring Smith back? I know the Secondary is banged up (Jykine Bradley is out and Jason Shivers was injured on Saturday), but Ryan Hinds filled in rather well for Shivers and almost everyone has been clamouring for Will Heyward to get on the field, so it's not like the Secondary needs reinforcement. It especially doesn't need crappy reinforcement. It doesn't need Bo Smith.

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