Thursday, 23 September 2010

There Goes the Neighbourhood

It looks like Jason Jimenez's punishment isn't enough for some CFL players.

Korey Banks says that it's "an eye for an eye." Well, Mr. Banks, there goes your moral high ground. I agree that what Jimenez did crossed the line, but now the Lions are going to mete out their own punishment? That's laughable. First, to say it is idiotic. Now when Jimenez does get attacked, it's clearly premeditated. This would be an easily suspendable offense. I have to think that Korey Banks won't be participating in any MENSA-sponsored challenges after being stupid enough to make his plans known to the public (and the commissioner).

Further down in the article there are quotes from Adriano Belli. The very same Adriano Belli who was suspended for the first game this season after storming into the Montreal Alouettes' dressing room following a game last season. Anyone who has spent 12 seconds around me knows I hate Adriano Belli. I can't stand the man, and if I ever saw him in person I would probably punch him right in the face. (I pray every day that I go to Toronto that I will see him walking down the street, but alas, it has yet to occur. Maybe one day.) For Belli to show indignation at someone else for playing dirty is hilarious. I can't think of a dirtier player than Adriano Belli. He needs to just keep his fat mouth shut.

All this attention being given to Jimenez's hit, and now with the retribution angle being planted, is actually making me side with Jimenez. In a roundabout way, I find myself now taking the position that Jimenez is a victim. It's a very odd feeling. The same sort of thing happened during the summer with the whole Albert Haynesworth-Mike Shanahan fiasco in Washington. I started off blaming Haynesworth, and then once people started piling on him, I felt sorry for him. That's what now seems to be occurring with this Jimenez situation.

In my eyes you can only villainize a guy for so long before he's no longer the bad guy. Maybe this is my homerism kicking in. Maybe if the rolls were reversed and the Cats were vowing revenge on some other player on another team I'd be all for it. I probably would be. But that's beside the point. I cannot stress enough that what Jimenez did was wrong. I even think he probably should have been suspended for it. But for players on other teams to now be plotting retaliation against Jimenez has the opposite effect. I'm sure there are plenty of people in BC and around Canada that disagree with me, and I understand that. But this is my forum, and these are my thoughts.

Though maybe this whole retribution thing isn't so bad. After all, if players are focused solely on getting a measure of revenge on Jason Jimenez, it might take their minds out of the game, allowing for the Cats to roll up on some teams. I've seen it happen before in other sports and other leagues. Maybe this was Jimenez's plan all along. If so, well played. No better way to win a game than to get the mental edge right from the start.

I guess we'll see where this goes. I'm sure the league office will be keeping a very close eye on Tiger-Cat games for the rest of the season.

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