Friday 10 September 2010

Preview: Alouettes (6-3) at Tiger-Cats (5-4)


Prosperity is the antonym of adversity. For most of the past decade, Tiger-Cat fans have dealt mainly with the latter and less with the former.

The 2010 season started off with much adversity. A 1-4 record after the first month was met by fans with the popular refrain of "Not this again." The team itself preached that, record aside, this was a good football club. Adversity needed to be overcome.

Fast forward to the day after Labour Day and the Tiger-Cats are now 5-4, sitting in second spot in the East Division, one game behind the Alouettes. The Cats are riding a four-game winning streak and have not lost since July 31st. Prosperity has arrived.

Which leads us to what might be the most important game of the season for Hamilton so far: a matchup with the reigning Grey Cup Champions, the Montreal Alouettes.

The Cats are riding high; they have dispatched of the Bombers and Argos in the East and now set their sites on conquering the Mt. Everest of East Division teams.

This game sets up very nicely for Hamilton. Montreal will not have Anthony Calvillo in the lineup on Saturday and will start Adrian McPherson, who himself is coming off an injury. The Montreal Defense is not in the best of shape either, which could be a big problem with the way Kevin Glenn has been playing this season.

How often to the stars align like this? Not very often. But how often do things play out as expected? Even less often. While Hamilton comes into the contest with a decided edge, and while it would seem as if everything is lining up for a big Tiger-Cats win, but as we all know, pride cometh before the fall. Before we fans start marking this game down as a win, we should be mindful that on any given day, one team can beat another.

Montreal, regardless of who is playing, is still a great football team. To take them lightly would be folly. This game could be a measuring-stick game for the Cats. Win this one and consider yourself a contender. Lose and watch as people pick apart the accomplishments of the past month.

Prosperity and adversity. Will the Cats continue to prosper, or will it be time to get over another adverse situation? We'll find out on Saturday.

As always, if you don't plan on coming to the park or you simply cannot make it, AM900 CHML and Y108 will have you covered on the radio side of things, while TSN and TSN HD will provide you with your necessary television coverage.

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