Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hamilton 35, BC 31

What a great football game. That was just an absolute treat to watch. Back-and-forth action from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. For those of you that stayed up, consider yourselves lucky, because you got to watch what, in my opinion, was the best game the Cats have played all season.

Some much maligned players are about to get a great big helping of love. This section will be a little bit of a mea culpa.

I have to start with DeAndra' Cobb. This was, by far, his best game. A season-high 151 yards while being fed the ball consistently, allowing Cobb to establish a rhythm that allowed him to be effective. Last year, Cobb broke out against the Lions in BC. This year, here's hoping he refound his game against the Lions in BC.

Next up: Maurice Mann. I was less than understanding when it came to Mo Mann's Twitter rants. He got his chance to be the go-to guy and he put up numbers. With a little aid from the zebras, Mann had by far his best game this season. Here's hoping that this is the start of the Mo Mann the Cats thought they were getting when they traded for him.

I think it is safe to say that the slump is over. Sandro DeAngelis showed why he was so coveted this off-season. DeAngelis was five for five on field goals and hit a very clutch kick with less than one minute remaining. It's nice to see that Sandro DeAngelis finally suit up.

Finally, we have Chris Bauman. That was a great catch. Bauman has been in the dog house ever since his drop against the Riders in July, but the catch on the go-ahead TD was brilliant. He kept his concentration and took it to the house. Very nice job.

Some shine goes to the Defense as well. Creating five, yes FIVE, turnovers was the key to winning the game. The two biggest contributors were Markeith Knowlton and Justin Hickman. Knowlton seemed to be everywhere, and Hickman played like a man possessed. I can't wait to see how good this Defense will be with McIntyre back and Stevie Baggs in the lineup. It's going to be frightening for the rest of the teams in the CFL.

Even in a great game, there are some things that need to be rectified.

The first thing that comes to mind was the ridiculous number of penalties, especially major fouls. Jason Jimenez, Jeremy Gibbs and Yannick Carter all took stupid penalties. That needs to stop, like, yesterday.

The red-zone offense still leaves a lot to be desired. Kevin Glenn's decision making needs work as well. That was an absolutely brutal interception late in the first half. With a chip-shot field goal on the line, Glenn throws a completely indefensible interception that killed the drive. That's not the first time Glenn has done that. Glenn played a very good game, but he needs to cut out the bonehead plays when the team is in the red zone.

Final Thoughts
That was a great game and a great win by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It is never easy to go to BC and win, and the Cats have now done that two season in a row. The Cats shook off the previous week's letdown against the Als and came out ready to play. That shows that this team has heart and focus. The coaching staff deserves kudos for instilling those values in the team.

The Cats have now won five of their last six and are back within two points of Montreal (who have yet to play this week). It was very nice to see the Cats come out and play like this, especially after last week. What a great game; what a great win. Way to go Cats!

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