Saturday 6 November 2010

West Division Semi-Final Set

Coming into today, we knew that the final CFL playoff spot would be decided one way or the other. Either BC or Edmonton would be booking a flight to Regina to take on the Roughriders in the West Division Semi-Final.

For BC to make the playoffs, they needed to beat Hamilton.


But that wasn't enough. They also needed Saskatchewan to beat Edmonton.

Check and mate.

So next Sunday, it will be the BC Lions visiting the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the West Division Semi-Final. The winner of that game will face the Calgary Stampeders to determine the West's representative in the Grey Cup.

Playoff football is almost here. I can't wait.


  1. Prediction:
    Argos 24-17 over Hamilton (bye bye tabbies).

    Roughriders 34-22 over BC.

    More to follow.

  2. I'll make my predictions later in the week, but rest assured the Argos will not be one of them.

  3. Yes, but you always pick against the Argos. Even if you hate them, you have to pick games as you think the'll turn out, not as you want them to go.
    As much as I'd like to see the patriots go 0-16, it aint going to happen, and I wouldnt PICK them to lose every game.

  4. I don't pick against the Argos every game. Go back and look at my picks. I probably picked against the Argos more than I picked with them, but I didn't pick against them every week.

  5. WRONG! I just took a few minutes and checked every single one of your "Smitty's Selections" for all 19 weeks of the CFL season. You picked against the Argos on every single week. IMPARTIALITY is key, you'll never make it as a sports analyst with that kind of bias. You may love your cats, and hate the Argos, but did you really think they would lose every game (this isn't a reincarnation of your 2003 cats you know)? Your picks lose a lot of credibility in knowing this, and it's really disappointing. I used your blog occasionally as a source of CFL information, not as purely ti-cat/anti-argo propaganda! Step it up Smitty, learn the trade of impartiality!

  6. I'm very surprised by that. Stunned actually. I knew going in that I was going to pick the Cats every week (I just can't pick against them, so feel free to disregard those picks), but I figured I would have picked the Argos at some point.

    Believe me, I didn't pick against them because I dislike them. In fact, I am very surprised that I didn't once pick them. It wasn't for any anti-Argo bias I have. I can praise Toronto. You might want to check out my weekly recaps of all the CFL action. I may not have picked the Argos, but I have been complimentary of what they have achieved this season.

    I would actually like to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I still won't pick Toronto this week, but this is a nice piece of information I can use next season when making my selections. In fact, since the Argos did post a 9-9 record in 2010, I'll likely be picking them more than zero times next season. It'll be the Bomber fans who claim bias next season.

  7. And, to be honest, going into the season, I think almost everyone thought the Argos would be 2003-Hamilton bad. This was a team coming off a 3-15 season (and a 4-14 season the prior year) starting a QB with no CFL experience and only one proven offensive weapon in Jeremaine Copeland.

    Show me one prognosticator that had the Argos finishing anything put out of the playoffs this season. The emergence of Cory Boyd and Chad Owens helped elevate the Argos to where they are, but they were both complete unknowns heading into the season. This Toronto team was not expected to win many games, so the idea that they were going to be as bad as the 2003 Tiger-Cats was actually pretty likely. Credit must be given to Jim Barker and, as much as I hate to admit this, Mike O'Shea. Those two guys took a bunch of unknowns and molded them into a playoff team.

    But to start this season, I think many Argo fans would have been ecstatic if this team won 5 games.

  8. I appreciate your admissions, and you are right, Argo expectations were low in the beginning, but yet here we are.

    Not to say 'I told you so' (I'm not one to talk trash, I think it's bad karma), but take a gander at my picks versus yours for the Semi-final week. The boatmen prevail.