Tuesday 16 November 2010

Arland and Otis Not Going Anywhere

While some of us (namely me) were worried that Arland Bruce and Otis Floyd might be heading off into retirement, we can stop that talk right now.

Bruce said that he believes he has "80, 90 games left in [his] system." That equates to about four or five more seasons. This is great news. Hopefully these 80 or 90 games for Bruce all occur with him in Black & Gold. Bruce hadn't made any rumbles about retirement, but he did after the loss in the East Division Semi-Final to the BC Lions in 2009.

Floyd says he plans to be back for his 12th CFL season. This puts to rest rumours that he started himself when he told AM900 CHML's Matt Holmes that Sunday's East Division Semi-Final was his last game. We've all heard veteran players say after tough losses, especially tough playoff losses, that they didn't think they'd be back. Floyd, however, seemed pretty definitive, and he made the statement unprompted. That's what made it feel so genuine.

This is great news from where I sit. Both guys had great seasons in 2010 and showed that they can still contribute at a high level. Floyd set a single-season personal best, with 83 tackles, and finished second on the team to Jamall Johnson's 101. Floyd is the heart and soul of the defense. While he is getting up there in age (and I wouldn't be surprised if 2011 is his last season), Floyd still competes at the highest of levels, and I bet that the loss on Sunday is not how he wanted his career to end.

Bruce very well might have led the CFL in receiving yards had he not missed most of the final three regular-season contests. His game has not fallen off in the least, and I would hazard a guess that the drops he had in Sunday's playoff game will provide fuel to his fire for 2011. I expect him to be extra motivated come the start of the 2011 CFL season.

I look forward to both being back in Black & Gold in 2011.


  1. Good news for sure. The team needs to plan now for their replacements all the same.

    I will be interested to see what immediate changes will occur, since MB said there would be some.

  2. I think the team is grooming Ike Brown to take over for Otis. As for Bruce, it'll be hard to replace one of the best players in the league, and I don't know who might be able to fill in for him once he does go.

    I'm curious about that as well. In reading, and talking to, Dave Naylor today, it would seem as if DeAngelis, Cobb and McDaniel might not be long for the team. Well have to wait and see.

  3. I can see that. Though I think McDaniel would be moved for a player or pick, and DeAngelis will be kept but with competition for the kicker role.

    Ike Brown is light for MLB - similar in size to Knowlton. They've had James Hargrave on the PR most of the year though and he fits the mould.

    Shivers might not make it either.

    I'm curious about QB - Porter has not shown he's improved by watching, so does Tafralis get bumped to 2 and Boltus take a spot on the sideline? Or is there another option the team might look at?

    Hard to play the roster game as I look down the list and see names that I don't think we should cut, aside from those mentioned above.

  4. Bruce hasn't been the same since he left the Argos. Shame, he should have stayed with the Boatmen.

  5. You're right - he hasn't been the same. He's been better. :-P

    Statistically speaking, he just had his second best season for yards, and his second best for catches. The key is he did both in only 15 full games and one half of play.

    In terms of attitude and behaviour, it's not even close. He's been a model citizen with the Cats. With the Argos, had there been a league award for Most Outstanding D-Bag, he'd have likely been nominated nearly every year.

  6. I don't see McDaniel being released or traded in the short term. I see him in camp next year, to see if he has solved the late year butter fingers. Mann has to be looked at before McDaniel. His one game after the "whack ass coach" comment, and his one-handed grab don't make up for the rest of the season. Cobb has got to go, as much as I think it may be an O-line situation as much as it is Cobb. I think the line just stressed pass blocking a little too much in practise and in their schemes and the run game fell to the wayside. I think we need a grinder...Thigpen can be our speed man but we need a guy who can just ram it up the middle and get us 3-5 every time!

    DB is the area I think we will see the most change. We need a consistent stable of players that can be relied on every game. This could also come with a different coach and scheme.

    I'm all for consistency and I hope the team doesn't over react and make too many changes too fast. Most of the pieces are there, it may only take another one or two players to get us over the top.