Thursday 18 November 2010

CFL Offensive All-Stars

Just like I did with the East and West Divisional All-Stars, I will present my choices for League All-Stars. Unlike my Divisional All-Star posts, I won't go into great detail about who I picked, because most of them were my Divisional All-Star selections. Today is the CFL Offensive All-Stars.

Quarterback: Henry Burris (CAL)
Choosing Henry Burris or Anthony Calvillo is like choosing between Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky. Both are great and deserving, so it really comes down to personal preference. While I've said in the past that Calvillo was my #1 Most Hated Former Tiger-Cat, I've softened on that stance considerably over the course of this season. I have grown to respect and admire Calvillo in the same way that I used to hate Brett Favre, but grew to like him (less so recently, however). But Burris has been outstanding this season, and since he was my choice for MOP, he's my choice for league All-Star.

Running Back: Cory Boyd (TOR), Fred Reid (WIN)
Both of these guys were my East All-Stars, and both were better than Joffrey Reynolds and Wes Cates. It's as simple as that for me.

Receiver: Arland Bruce III (HAM), Terrence Edwards (WIN), Andy Fantuz (SSK), Nik Lewis (CAL)
I wanted to fit Dave Stala in here somewhere, but I also approached these selections trying not to allow any Hamilton bias to cloud my judgment. Had I done so, Nik Lewis would have been left off, and that wouldn't have been right. Bruce was great, and probably would have led the league in receiving had he not been injured near the end of the regular season. Edwards was a beast for Winnipeg and led the East in receiving yards and touchdowns. Fantuz led the league in receiving yards, the first Canadian do so since 1995. Nik Lewis was Nik Lewis. After a somewhat poor 2009, Lewis returned with a vengeance in 2010.

Centre: Marwan Hage (HAM)
Best Centre in the league, and quite possibly the best Offensive Lineman in the league as well. Hage could dominate this position for as long as he stays around.

Guard: Dimitri Tsoumpus (CAL), Scott Flory (MTL)
Tsoumpus helped anchor a stellar Calgary O-Line after his failed stint with the Miami Dolphins, and Flory year in, year out, is one of the best Guards in football.

Tackle: Ben Archibald (CAL), Josh Bourke (MTL)
Like Tsoumpus and Flory at Guard, Ben Archibald and Josh Bourke are rock solid at Tackle. Neither has many flaws, and each year they perform better than they did the year before.

Kicker: Paul McCallum (BC)
McCallum was the best Kicker in the CFL this season, period.

Punter: Burke Dales (CAL)
Dales was better than Renaud this year, simple as that.

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