Wednesday 17 November 2010

CFL Defensive All-Stars

Just like I did with the East and West Divisional All-Stars, I will present my choices for League All-Stars. Unlike my Divisional All-Star posts, I won't go into great detail about who I picked, because most of them were my Divisional All-Star selections. Today is the CFL Defensive All-Stars.

Defensive Tackle: DeVone Claybrooks (CAL), Kevin Huntley (TOR)
Two guys who dominated from the interior line. Both played pivotal roles in disrupting teams' run games and collapsing the pocket on opposing Quarterbacks. Two very deserving All-Stars.

Defensive End: Phillip Hunt (WIN), John Bowman (MTL)
Hunt was the best pass rusher in the CFL, and Bowman (while I didn't vote for him for Divisional All-Star) had an outstanding season as well. I still believe that Willis deserved this, but Bowman is not undeserving.

Linebacker: Markeith Knowlton (HAM), Chip Cox (MTL), Barrin Simpson (SSK)
Knowlton is the best all-round Defensive player in the CFL. Cox had a tremendous season, and Barrin Simpson led the league in tackles after some (i.e., Winnipeg) thought he was over the hill.

Cornerback: Brandon Browner (CAL), Mark Estelle (MTL)
Personally, I hate Browner, and I think he gets away with an awful lot, but he has shut down virtually every big-time Receiver this season, so he's deserving. Estelle (another player that did not get my Divisional nod) had a very good season as well. Many will remember him getting run over by Nik Lewis, but he also made plays for an underrated Alouette Secondary.

Defensive Back: Chris Thompson (EDM), Jerald Brown (MTL)
Chris Thompson never should have been traded by the Cats. I grew to like Maurice Mann over the course of the season, but Thompson played at his previous All-Star level (he was an All-Star in 2008). Brown, in tandem with Estelle, shut down plenty of Receivers for the Als in 2010.

Safety: James Patrick (SSK)
Patrick led the league in interceptions and provided big plays for the Roughriders in key situations.

Special Teams: Chad Owens (TOR)
Over 3,000 combined yards, while leading the league in kickoff, punt and missed field-goal yards. Case closed.

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