Saturday 20 February 2010

Poole, Shivers, Obie React

New Tiger-Cats Jason Shivers and Will Poole as well as GM Bob O'Billovich have commented on Shivers and Poole signing with the Tiger-Cats. Both Poole and Shivers seem happy to be playing for the Black & Gold, and O'Billovich seems excited as well.

Initially, I wasn't too excited about Shivers and Poole coming to town. I think both are decent players, but my hope was that a superstar DB like Byron Parker would sign with the Tabbies. Looking at both players' 2009 stats they had somewhat productive seasons for DBs. Shivers had 64 tackles and 1 interception, while Poole had 54 tackles, 1 sack and 1 interception. Not terrible, but not great either. Adding both Shivers and Poole in with guys like Geoff Tisdale, Dylan Barker and Jykine Bradley could make the Cats' secondary pretty formidable. I guess only time will tell.

Notice in the videos that the GM says that more movies are to come in the next couple of days or so. Can it please, please, please be about a certain Niagara Falls native who plays Placekicker? Man, I hope so.

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