Saturday 27 February 2010

Is Ian the Smart Move?

It was announced on Thursday that the BC Lions have parted ways with a number of players, one of them being Running Back and Kick Returner Ian Smart.

Hm, return man, eh? Sounds to me like the Ti-Cats should be calling up Smart's agent to get his name on a contract. I've been stumping for the Cats to sign a new Kick Returner since before free agency began to fill their glaring need at the position. Last season Marquay McDaniel started as the Kick Returner, but an early-season injury made him ineffective, and his promotion to the offense as a Wide Receiver, where he began to excel as the season went on, made him unsuitable to remain as the team's return man. Now, Tre Smith is still on the roster and has been a good, though not great, Kick Returner in the past, but adding someone like Smart could be the move that puts the Cats over the top.

Every move that Bob O'Billovich has made so far has been great. Re-signing Otis Floyd, Darrell Adams, Peter Dyakowski, Quinton Porter and Kevin Glenn has given the team some much-needed talent cohesion, while adding Maurice Mann via trade and Jason Shivers, Will Poole & Sandro DeAngelis via free agency has helped give the Ti-Cats upgrades at some key positions. Adding Smart to that equation would be the cherry on top of an already fantastically built sundae.

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