Wednesday 17 February 2010

Cats Get Their Mann

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats today traded for Wide Receiver Maurice Mann. In exchange the Tiger-Cats sent Defensive Back Chris Thompson to the Edmonton Eskimos.

This trade is somewhat odd to me. One of the areas that the Ti-Cats needed little help at was Wide Receiver, with Dave Stala, Arland Bruce, Marquay McDaniel, Drisan James, Chris Bauman and Prechae Rodriguez all still with the team. I would imagine that one or more of these players will be let go prior to the season. (If I was to guess I'd say that Rodriguez, Bauman & James should probably stick with the rental properties.)

One area that the Ti-Cats needed help at was Defensive Back so trading a DB for a WR just doesn't make a lot of sense to me at this moment. Mann is a great deep threat and could be a welcome addition to the WR core, but to give up a player at a position where the Ti-Cats are weak for one where they are, dare I say, stacked seems strange.

I trust that GM Bob O'Billovich will make the correct decisions, but as it stands now this trade is a head scratcher for me.

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