Wednesday 10 February 2010

And the Pass Falls Incomplete

November 16, 2009.

Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

BC Lions vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

2009 CFL East Division Semi-Final.

After 5 long years the Hamilton Tiger-Cats finally made the CFL Playoffs again. I consider my attendance at all 9 home games and 2 away games (both against the hated Argos in Toronto) a major cog in the resurgence of my beloved hometown team. Yes, I am that superstitious.

I spent almost 6 years living in Toronto, and during that time the Tiger-Cats were never once considered a championship-caliber team. In fact throughout most of my tenure in Toronto the Tiger-Cats were the worst team in the CFL – a once-proud franchise stuck in a cycle of something much worse than mediocrity.

After all the heartbreak, all the dashed hopes, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats – my Hamilton Tiger-Cats – were finally back.

Unfortunately, victory was not to be, on that cold November day in Hamilton. A spirited effort late in the 4th quarter tied the game and sent it to overtime after hometown boy Dave Stala caught a TD and Marquay McDaniel scored on a two-point conversion. Ivor Wynne was rocking; it was pure bedlam.

The Lions would score on their first possession in overtime, and on 3rd down, with the season on the line, Kevin Glenn's pass to Arland Bruce fell to the Ivor Wynne turf, and with that the season was over. The hope, however, stayed. A proud franchise had been resurrected, and I had officially fallen back in love with a long-lost mistress.

Following the 2009 season, I decided to take the plunge and become a season-ticket holder for the first time. People say that blood can only bleed red, but I'll be damned if mine doesn't bleed Black & Gold.

2009 was the season that renewed hope, 2010 will be where we.....


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