Friday, 26 August 2011

Preview: Tiger-Cats at Blue Bombers

(Editor's Note: Under no circumstances will the nickname that the Blue Bombers have given themselves be used in any way, shape or form in this or any other post that deals with that team. Self-imposed nicknames are lame, and this one is lamer than most.)

While not as big as either team's primary rivalry, Hamilton and Winnipeg have developed a nice secondary rivalry that has become rather intense.

This week's game is no different. It seems as if both teams have talked a lot coming into their Friday-night tilt (heck, even Blue Bomber Head coach Paul LaPolice's wife got in on the fun), and both teams will have to back up their talk on the field.

Recently, that's exactly what both teams have done. The Bombers have lost once all season, while the Cats have won four of their last five. These two squads have been on a roll, with both of them playing very good football.

The Bombers' Offense has sputtered for most of the season, with Winnipeg relying on their Defense to win games. Winnipeg's Defense has been more than up to the task, but the Offense still has to find its rhythm. If the Cats can jump out to an early lead, forcing the Bombers to play catch-up, it could bode well for the Tabbies. It would also silence the capacity crowd at CanadInns Stadium, which would also be a boon to the visitors.

Winnipeg's Defense has been amazing in the first half of the season, so a healthy dose of Deuces himself, Mr. Avon Cobourne, could be just what the doctor ordered. Kevin Glenn also likes to play against the Bombers (I suspect he is still salty over how his exit from Winnipeg was handled back in 2009), and I think Glenn would relish the opportunity to shut the fans up.

I expect a highly entertaining contest when these two teams take the field Friday night. A win by Winnipeg and they continue to solidify themselves as the Beasts of the East. A win by the Tiger-Cats and the race for first in the East gets that much tighter.

As is the case every week, TSN will have your television coverage, while AM900 CHML is the place to turn your dial on the old radio. The fun begins at 8:00PM.

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