Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ray Mariuz and Jason Maas Retire

More retirements from the CFL today as Ti-Cat Linebacker Ray Mariuz and Eskimo Quarterback Jason Maas both hang up their cleats.

Mariuz walks away after eight seasons, five with the Cats and three with the Argos. Mariuz came to Hamilton following the 2005 season, signing with the Cats in February of 2006. Mariuz made most of his impact on Special Teams, where he spent the past four season as the Cats' Special Teams Captain. Mariuz's departure might pave the way for 2011 draft pick Jadon Wagner.

Maas is a much reviled figure in Hamilton. He was the first of the post-Danny McManus QBs to be labeled a saviour and flame out. Maas spent the majority of his 11-year career with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Congratulations to both players on their careers, and good luck to each of them in whatever they do in the future.


  1. Mariuz is a class act. I wish him well.

    Don't forget Kevin Eakin was anointed by many as the Chosen One late in that 2005 season, based on one good game. If he hadn't been forced to ride the pine the following season after we traded for Maas... ;-)

  2. I forgot about Eakin. I guess Marcus Brady could count as well, except he was anointed "The Next One" while Danny Mac was still here.