Sunday 8 May 2011

2011 CFL Draft (Round Four)

The Picks
1) Winnipeg - Paul Swiston, OL, Calgary
2) Montreal - Renaldo Sagesse, DL, Michigan
3) Calgary - Akwasi Antwi, DL, Mount Allison
4) Saskatchewan - Alexander Krausnick-Groh, OL, Calgary
5) Toronto - Jedd Gardner, WR, Guelph
6) Calgary - Brad Sinopoli, QB, Ottawa
7) Saskatchewan - Christopher Milo, K, Laval
8) Montreal - Reed Alexander, OL, Calgary

My Thoughts
The news of the fourth round is the drafting of Brad Sinopoli by Calgary. Sinopoli will not be switching positions and will get a shot to be a Quarterback for the Stamps. With Henry Burris and Drew Tate already on the roster, Sinopoli will be the third QB for the Stamps. He may never play for Calgary, but getting drafted, especially in the fourth round, is great for the future of Canadian QBs in the CFL.

Saskatchewan picks Christopher Milo, which is likely insurance should Luca Congi be unavailable at the start of the year as he rehabs an injury.

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