Sunday, 8 May 2011

2011 CFL Draft (Round Three)

The Picks
1) Winnipeg - Brendan Dunn, DL, Western
2) Toronto - Djems Kouame, WR, Montreal
3) BC - Michael Carter, DB, Maryland
4) Hamilton - Marc-Antoine Fortin, DL, Laval
5) Hamilton - Pascal Baillargeon, OL, Laval
6) Toronto - Alexander Robinson, DL, Western
7) Montreal - Philip Blake, OL, Baylor

My Thoughts
The Cats nab a couple of Rouge et Or products for both the Offensive and Defensive Lines. I felt going in that those would be the two areas that the team would focus on, so it's not surprising they used their picks there.

The other notable selection was the Alouettes taking Baylor Offensive Lineman Philip Blake. He was seen as the number-one overall prospect, but the Danny Watkins effect scared teams off from taking him too high. He has NFL potential (and could go in the first round of next year's NFL Draft), so teams were hesitant to take Blake too high. The Als could get the steal of the draft if Blake ever makes his way to Montreal.

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