Sunday, 29 May 2011

DeAngelis Signs With Montreal

In a pretty big surprise, word out of Montreal is that recently released Ti-Cat Kicker Sandro DeAngelis has signed with the Alouettes.

The reason this move is so surprising is because Montreal just drafted a Kicker in the CFL Draft (Brody McKnight) and traded a 2012 first-round pick for Lions Kicker Sean Whyte. While McKnight won't be coming to Montreal until 2012 at the earliest, it was assumed that Whyte would be the Kicker for the two-time defending Grey Cup champions in 2011.

This whole thing begs the question of why they signed DeAngelis? You don't deal away a first-round pick unless you are extremely sure of what you are getting in return. Signing DeAngelis tells me that Montreal will be having a fierce competition in camp. DeAngelis didn't sign with the Als to be camp fodder. I would think he fully expects to be Montreal's Kicker in 2011 and beyond.

This is also another salvo in the back and forth that has been going on between Montreal and Hamilton for most of the off-season, which began with Avon Cobourne leaving Montreal to sign with Hamilton. Since then, the two teams have taken turns going at one another in various ways. Perhaps the CFL was right in scheduling the Als for Labour Day. Montreal-Hamilton could become the marquee rivalry in the CFL in 2011.

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