Wednesday 21 July 2010

Preview: Tiger-Cats (1-2) at Alouettes (2-1)


This is a BIG game for the Tiger-Cats. All off-season, people were talking about how Hamilton had the best shot of dethroning Montreal as the Beast of the East (shout out to the late Bam Bam Bigelow). In Week 4 we finally get to see if the hype can be matched by results.

Week 3 saw the Cats dominate from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. In beating Winnipeg 28-7, the Cats exorcised the demons of Week 1 (where they lost 49-29 to Winnipeg) and avoided starting the 2010 season at 0-3. As a Ti-Cat fan, I can only hope that Week 3 was the start of great things for the Tiger-Cats.

Rarely does a CFL team win a game without scoring a TD, but that's exactly what Montreal did, beating BC 16-12 in Week 3. Montreal has not looked like its regular dominant self in any of its three games so far, especially in Week 2 and Week 3.

Montreal is still Montreal, and until proven otherwise, they are the class of the East Division. This game is a great litmus test for the Ti-Cats, as Hamilton has not won in Montreal since 2002. I have the feeling that this is going to be one great game.

Much like every other week, AM900 CHML will broadcast the game via radio, whereas TSN and TSN HD will show the game on television.

On a personal note, I will be attending the game in Montreal in person. This will be my first trip to Montreal for a football game (and my first trip to Montreal since the Alouettes first season back in 1996), so I hope the Cats can provide a good kickoff to my weekend in la belle province.


  1. Montreal's offense is still freaky scary - while they didn't put up a TD last game, with those 4 receivers (Watkins, Richardson, Cahoon, and now Green) and Cobourne, Calvillo still has the best set of targets since the U.S.-led coalition took on Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

    Their weakness may be the offensive line. I think they miss Chiu. I think they miss him a whole lot. And while Lambert is a capable player, it may take time for that unit to find itself again.

    But their D is the question mark this year. Last year, they were ranked first or second in almost every category. This year: nahhh. Remains to be seen if 3 games is a statistical aberration or a trend, but they are very beatable.

    We play our ball-control passing game, and keep AC and his mutant corps of WRs off the field, we can win this. Despite any homer advantage brought by 5000 extra fans in the stands.

  2. I can sum up our offense in four letters: U G L Y

    Those are not the same four letters I kept saying throughout the game however.

    Kudos to the D for playing strong and hanging in for so long, but we have GOT to do better with the ball.