Sunday 25 July 2010

My First Trip to Montreal

Ti-Cat Warmup, Prior to Kickoff
When the CFL schedule came out, I, along with two of my friends (Richard, Emily, take a bow) decided to make my first trip to Montreal to watch the Cats play the Alouettes at Percival Molson Stadium at McGill University. I had heard such great things about watching a game at Molson Stadium that I felt I owed it to myself to see a game there sooner rather than later.

While the game was terrible and put a real downer on the trip, watching a game at Molson Stadium is a real treat. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to watch a game. The seats are comfortable and the atmosphere is tremendous. I've seen games at Canadian universities before (McMaster and the University of Toronto), but McGill's stadium puts those two to shame.

Some interesting stories came out of attending this game. Before we even entered the stadium we were heckled. That caused me to roll down the window and shout "OSKEE WEE WEE" at the passersby. I then high-fived a fellow Ti-Cat fan who appreciated my rowdiness.

Next, on our way to our seats we ran into some people who work for the Tiger-Cats. As we were the only people decked out in Ti-Cats gear – they were all wearing those nice Ti-Cat polos, while I was wearing my Dave Stala Gold jersey, and Emily sported her blank Black home jersey (Richard was on a plane from Toronto at the time) – we naturally gravitated towards one another. I said it was nice to see some people in friendly colours, and we chatted for a bit about all things Ti-Cats (though it was mostly about the stadium location) and then parted ways.

Third, the section I sat in (M2) had a fair amount of Tiger-Cat fans in it (three sat right in front of us, one wearing a game-worn Dylan Barker jersey). It was nice to watch a game in enemy territory with some friendly neighbours. While we were razzed a bit by Alouette fans, it was all in good fun. I was hooting and hollering when the Cats made nice plays, so if I can give it, I have to be able to take it. Even so, they weren't rude, and quite honestly, Montreal football fans really are very friendly. I guess when your team wins so much, there is no point in being a gloating blowhard.

There is no shortage of praise I can heap upon my first game in Montreal. The experience was completely positive, except for the parking. Parking at McGill sucks HUGE! The parking facilities are not equipped to handle 25,000+ fans. It was downright nightmarish waiting to get out of the lot. It doesn't detract from the overall great time I had (aside from the loss), but it did put a damper on an already tough evening. I might try to find a hotel closer to the stadium when I go again and just walk to the game. Yes, I did write "go again," as I think as long as I can afford it, I will try to make the trip to Montreal an annual event.

If you haven't been to Percival Molson Stadium yet, do yourself a favour and go. The Cats don't play there again this year (barring a potential playoff matchup), but when the 2011 schedule comes out, go get yourself some tickets. You will not regret it. Great atmosphere, great stadium, great time.

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  1. Awesome, man! Sounds like a great time (aside from the loss) I hope to hit up Montreal this summer to surf - apparently the waters are very good there!