Thursday 1 July 2010

Preview: Tiger-Cats (0-0) at Blue Bombers (0-0)


The bullets are live now. No more messing around, no more saying "It doesn't matter," no more excuses. The game is on, and the Cats and Bombers better be ready.

For the first time in a long time, the Tiger-Cats enter the CFL season as a legitimate Grey Cup contender. This isn't the same as when Jason Maas or Casey Printers was christened the saviour and was expected to lead the Cats back to the promised land, only to flop spectacularly. The team is coming off their first non-losing season since 2004, and the belief is that the corner has finally been turned. As my season preview showed, I'm buying in, and buying in BIG TIME!

Winnipeg seems to be in the same position entering the 2010 season as Hamilton was entering the 2009 season. The previous Head Coach (Mike Kelly) has been dispatched and replaced with a much more competent one (Paul LaPolice); the QB who was supposed to be the difference-maker (Michael Bishop) has been replaced by a castoff from another team (Buck Pierce).

With that in mind, it looks like the Bombers have a definite ceiling. A .500 record is probably the best they can hope for in 2010. The Cats started out well in 2009, trailed off in the middle part of the season, and came on strong at the end. With Hamilton being a better team than Winnipeg right now, the Cats have the upper hand.

The old saying is that the season is a marathon, not a sprint. The marathon for the Tiger-Cats begins tomorrow in Winnipeg, and hopefully ends in Edmonton in November.

As always, you can listen to the game on AM900 CHML, and watch the game on TSN, or TSN HD should you have the capabilities.

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