Sunday 18 July 2010

1970s Retro Jerseys

I was planning on waiting until the Tiger-Cats decided to unveil them, but they've been listed on the CFL website for almost a week (and I saw a couple of people sporting them at the game on Friday), so here is what the 1970s jerseys will look like:

The Cats will wear these jerseys, at home, on August 7th when they face off against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The team will also be honouring the 1972 Grey Cup championship team, and will institute 1970s prices on various items; which ones they are escape me at the moment.

When leaving Ivor Wynne on Friday, I was able (or more specifically, my friend Richard was able) to peak into the Tigertown store and notice that Kevin Glenn, Arland Bruce and Jamall Johnson were the players available in the 1970s uniforms. What about the players from the 1970s? If the team and the league are celebrating the 1970s, shouldn't the jerseys on sale by the team reflect that? Having said that, I'm still likely to buy one. I'm an absolute nutbar when it comes to buying merchandise, and even at 28 years of age, I still have a sickening fascination with jerseys.

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  1. If they want to call them "retro", then they should look *very close* to what was worn during the era in focus.

    Those do not.

    I don't think they look bad mind you. They are just not what the team was wearing back then.

  2. they are not retro, why cant they get it right how hard can it be.
    just like the helmets the cats wore yellow helmets not black.