Friday 7 October 2011

Winnipeg 33, Hamilton 17

In honour of the effort the Tiger-Cats gave tonight, I am going to give the same effort with my thoughts as the Cats gave on the field tonight.


Nothing. Disagree? Let me know what positives there were tonight.


Everything. You name it, they sucked at it. The Offense couldn't get a first down if Winnipeg only played with seven men. The Defense – which in fairness never really got a break because the Offense sucked so much – couldn't stop a thing. Special Teams was alright, maybe, but there were still a lot of mistakes from that unit too. The team was just putrid.

Final Thoughts

The Cats are 7-7 now, and they'll be 7-8 following a loss next week in Montreal. Any hope of a home playoff game is gone. The Bombers just seem to have Hamilton's number, so if they do end up meeting in the playoffs, I don't like the Cats' odds.

Pitiful, brutal, disgusting, embarrassing, terrible, horrible, putrid and any other synonym for bad that you can think of describes tonight's performance. It was ugly from the start and never got better.

I fear next week might even be worse.

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