Saturday 29 October 2011

Saskatchewan 19, Hamilton 3

When the most exciting thing that happened in the game was a 108-yard punt, you know not much of consequence happened. It was a game that mattered little to the Tabbies, and it showed. Nothing went right. The worst part is, despite playing like garbage, Hamilton could have won the game. That's probably the most upsetting thing.


The more I see of Carlos Thomas at Safety, the more I like it. His coverage skills were never that great, but the guy can hit.

Hard to fault the Defense in this one. In the CFL, if you only give up 19 points, that should be enough to win. Justin Hickman and Stevie Baggs had decent games. The Secondary lost a few of the battles, but didn't give up much. The Defense can be satisifed with their performance.


The two red zone interceptions by Kevin Glenn really sting. The first came after what looked like a sure touchdown, and the second was just a bad read. Turn those two interceptions into touchdowns, and it is a different game.

Quinton Porter did nothing to move the team in the first half, and did nothing to separate himself from Glenn. Porter's accuracy was terrible the entire time he was in he game. Despite how poorly Glenn played with his four interceptions, he is still the better Quarterback.

It was nice to see the team use Avon Cobourne in the last six minutes of the game, but where was that in the first 54 minutes? Cobourne is a guy that needs 15-18 touches per game to be effective. The team abandoned the running game way too early, and with a horse like Cobourne in the backfield, they need to keep plowing away.

Whoever was responsible for calling that fake punt needs to give their head a shake. That was almost as bad as the one BC tried to pull off last week. It was just a stupid call.

Final Thoughts

The talk leading up to this game was how Hamilton would use it as a playoff primer. If this is how they are going to play in Montreal or Winnipeg in two weeks, that will be the final game of the season for the Cats. There was no emotion from the team. It truly seemed like they didn't care.

Now 9-9 looks like the record the Cats will finish with for the third straight season. As much as that is a vast improvement over the records from 2005-2008, it's no longer good enough. It's looking more and more like something has to change to get this team over the hump. Of course, with the way this season has gone, the Cats could stroll into the East Division Semi-Final and blowout their opponent.

But before the playoffs, the Tabbies travel one more time to the friendly confines of the Rogers Centre SkyDome for one last game against the hated Argonauts. I'm sure we'll see a different team than the one we saw today. That's just how this team, and this season, has gone. Bad one week, great the next.

This week they were bad; very, very, very bad. But they still could have won the game. That's the most disappointing part. So a great game is coming. Would it be too much to ask that said game be played on November 13th?

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