Friday 7 October 2011

Smitty's Selections: Week 15

We are in the home stretch. Only 20 games left this season, and my hopes of winning 50 games is likely not going to happen. Counting the playoffs (which I predict, so it counts), I would need to go 20-5 to reach the magical 50-win mark. Highly unlikely. But I've did go 4-0 last week, so if I can get a couple (or five) more of those, I'm back in business. Anyway, here are the Week 15 picks.

Winnipeg at Hamilton

This has all the makings of a great game. Winnipeg is desperate for a win, having lost four of their last five, while Hamilton needs a victory if they hope to have any chance of hosting the East Division Final. The Bombers are dealing with some injuries to key players, and Hamilton is a league-best 5-2 at home (counting the "home" game in Moncton). One of those losses, however, came at the hand of the Blue Bombers. I suspect the Cats will want to avenge that loss and keep pace with the rest of the East. Tabbies by a TD.

Winner: Hamilton, 31-24

Calgary at British Columbia

Another scintillating matchup as the Lions try to complete their turnaround by besting the Stampeders to take possession of first place in the West. The Stamps have been a confusing team this year, and BC is on a complete roll right now. Sooner or later the Lions will fall back slightly. It will be later. Lions by double digits.

Winner: British Columbia, 34-24

Toronto at Montreal

I could go into a long diatribe as to why the Argos could win this one, and how an upset is always possible or how this could be a trap game for the Als as they look ahead to the Tiger-Cats the following week. I could say all of those things, but none of it would be true. Montreal is going to annihilate Toronto. This one will be over before the half.

Winner: Montreal, 41-17

Saskatchewan at Edmonton

Saskatchewan is barely clinging to playoff hopes, and a loss here would all but end their season (and would end it should the Lions and Ti-Cats both win as well). Edmonton is in a bit of a funk after their hot start, so they are going to want to come out and establish themselves as a threat once again. Rider Pride will be muted as "Wait Until Next Year" becomes the refrain in Saskatchewan. Eskies by a bunch.

Winner: Edmonton, 27-10

Hamilton, British Columbia, Montreal, Edmonton

Season Record: 30-22


  1. 0 - 1 this week so far. Can't imagine how you lost this game against a team backed by fans picking dead mosquitoes out of their Cheerios before brushing their four teeth before their sibling parents take them to their banjo lesson.

    And as they drive to their banjo lesson they'll drive by Canad Inns Stadium where the Bombers have sold out most of their games this year.

    Let's see, Winnipeg is 9-5 while Hamilton is 7-7. Winnipeg is 3-0 against Hamilton in 2011. Winnipeg is averaging what 30k attendance per game? Hamilton is what, 20k?

    Will we see ya at MTS Centre when the Winnipeg Jets meet the Montreal Canadiens Sunday? Or will you be attending the Bulldog game?


  2. With all that awesome stuff to do in Winnipeg, you'd think you had something better to do than troll Tiger-Cat-based forums and websites. Yet, here you are. Funny how that works.

    Here some facts for you.

    First fact: the Bombers haven't won squat his year. In fact (there's that word again), they haven't won anything of note in TWENTY-ONE YEARS! So beak off all you want, but until you actually win a Grey Cup, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut. (Side note: were you even alive the last time Winnipeg won a championship?)

    Second fact: this is a football site, so hockey doesn't matter here. But if we're going to talk hockey, did you enjoy the Jets last Stanley Cup... oh wait, that's right. Sure, the Dogs are an AHL team but at least their a GOOD AHL team. Can't say the same about your beloved (so beloved that they didn't exist for 15 years) Jets.

    Final fact: you're a coward. You want to call someone an a-hole, at least have the guts to put your name on it. But no, you'd rather hide behind the safe anonymity of the Internet. You must be so proud of yourself. I'm sure you high-fived your uncle-father after you posted your comment.

    Enjoy your Cheerios, skeeter.