Saturday, 16 June 2012

What I Saw at Burlington's Black & Gold Day

I went to the team's Black & Gold Day at Burlington's Nelson High School today. I saw the vast majority of the team's practice, but I spent a good half an hour speaking with a reporter from the Hamilton Spectator about all things Tiger-Cats, Black & Gold and Ivor Wynne, so there were portions of the practice that I missed. But here is what I did see:
  • The first thing I noticed what that this Black & Gold Day was not as well attended as the one they staged in Burlington last year. A number of things could have contributed to that, such as last year's taking place a week early before the team had played a game. The people who were starving for Tiger-Cat football got their first fix at Black & Gold Day last year; this year, they got it at the team's preseason opener on Wednesday.
  • Terence Jeffers-Harris made two nice plays back-to-back during the team's scrimmage. He caught a pass and turned upfield for a long touchdown and then hauled in a pass a turned up field for a long gain. I have high hopes for Jeffers-Harris and what he did today is the reason why.
  • Avon Cobourne got more work today on the second-team offense. He is moving along at a regular pace, and my guess would be that he'll be ready to go by the opener on the 29th.
  • Marwan Hage got more work with the first-team offense. He looks like he's progressing and I would be surprised if he's not in the starting lineup on opening day.
  • Sticking with the offensive line, I liked what I saw out of the group today. They were making big holes for the running backs and gave the quarterbacks a lot of time. They're really coming together as a unit and I think Hage's return has a lot to do with that.
The team is back at Mac for one practice tomorrow, starting at 10:20AM. It is the penultimate training camp session of 2012, with the final practice set to take place at the same time on Monday. I am going to attempt to take in both and I will, as always, post what I see.


  1. It's good to hear about Hage. His experience and leadership alone make the other 4 linemen better, never mind his ability to play.

    The Ticats have held two Black and Gold days this year... perhaps that split some of the attendance.

    1. The multiple Black and Gold Days is a really good explanation for the lower turnout in Burlington. The people who came from Hamilton last year went to the Ivor Wynne one last week. Fans in St. Catherines who went last year will go to their own next week. If you take the three together, the total will probably be the same as the lone Burlington one last year. Never thought of that until you brought it up.