Sunday, 10 June 2012

Very Little to Report From Ron Joyce

Very little happened at the Ti-Cats lone training camp session today. The team was on the field for about an hour and participated in a very light workout. They worked on a few things, but were not in pads and therefore did no hitting. The team ran about a half-dozen sprints and worked on some basic stuff, but that was about it.

The guys probably appreciated not being out on the field for very long since it was scorching outside. I was hot just sitting in the stands, so I cannot imagine what the players felt like on the field.

The highlight of the afternoon was the team practicing the only-in-the-CFL situation of kicking the ball out of the end zone after a missed field goal. It is a situation that rarely presents itself, though when it does it can produce an amazing moment.

I should be back at Ron Joyce Stadium tomorrow afternoon, hopefully with something more substantial to report afterwards. I still want to get a good look at the running backs and offensive line, so if the late session has more physicality than today's session did, I'll have some thoughts on those two units tomorrow.

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