Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Notes From Today's Afternoon Practice

I was able to head down to McMaster for today's afternoon session. Spent a good portion of the day watching the defensive line (they practiced nearest to where I was sitting), but I saw a few things that I think would interest people:
  • Had a chance to chat for over a half hour with Drew Edwards. Got to pick his brain a bit and if I took one thing away from our conversation it is this: the guy knows his football. It was a real pleasure to chat about the Ti-Cats with him.
  • Saw some good stuff from the d-linemen. I still don't have a clue who will start – Greg Peach sitting out with an injury doesn't help matters when it comes to trying to project who the starters will be – but I am starting to think that the team might have the right guys. I know one thing, Casey Creehan will have these guys ready to play.
  • Saw some nice stuff out of the running backs. Both Martell Mallett and Chevon Walker had some nice runs. I'd have to say that Walker has the edge on James Berezik at the moment.
  • Jamall Johnson made two nice plays back-to-back during the scrimmage portion of practice. He blew up a running play in the hole, and then on the next play, he intercepted a tipped ball.
  • Noticed that Markeith Knowlton was working with the defensive backs. I am assuming this is nothing new because it hasn't been reported before, but I thought it might interest people to know.
  • Was very impressed with the little I saw out of Dan LeFevour. He has a good arm and nice agility. With Tate Forcier nursing a sore shoulder, the former Central Michigan star could be the front runner for the No. 3 job.
  • Was once again very impressed by receiver Chris Duvalt. I have to believe that he will make the team. He is making the most out of every opportunity he gets.
  • Kicking battle continues. Based on what I saw today, I wouldn't be surprised if Luca Congi ends up as the team's sole kicker and punter. Bartel still looks better than Congi for the most part, but not that much better. I think the team could live with Congi doing both jobs.
The team only has one practice scheduled for tomorrow, and it is the early one. I doubt I'll make that, but I hope to head to Mac for the late sessions on both Thursday and Friday. Don't know if I'll get to both, but I will get to one of them.

Also, the Cats are hosting Black & Gold Day at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Saturday. I don't know if this means that the one in Burlington is off or if they are doing two, but the event begins at 3:15PM on Saturday and fans can start filing in at 2:30PM.


  1. Good stuff thanks for the updates.

  2. Was Stala getting some reps with the first team? It scares me to hear from Drew Edwards that he's not with the first string offense.

    My concern is that they might cut him. With Fantuz and what looks like Giguere starting, he's making $100K + to be a back up. He doesn't contribute on special teams, so I'm kind of confused on what the Cats have in store for him.

    1. I haven't seen Stala with the first team at all. One of the things I thought would happen if Giguère signed was that Stala would be shown the door. I don't think that will happen, but it might. His salary is cumbersome, but I think if it was something that really hamstrung the team, he would have already been released. I do think this will be his final season in Hamilton, though.