Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ivor Wynne's Black & Gold Day

The Ti-Cats will be running a number of Black & Gold Days this year – the next is next Saturday at Nelson High School in Burlington – but today was the first and it was the last at Ivor Wynne Stadium. I only caught the tail end of the practice, but here are some of the things I saw:
  • Newly re-signed Avon Cobourne was in pads, but never saw the field. This isn't too surprising considering he's had all of one practice with the team. I would expect he'll be part of the fun next week in Burlington.
  • Couple of big names sat out, namely Andy Fantuz and Markeith Knowlton, but I am sure it was just precautionary. Dave Stala took Fantuz's reps with the first-team offense and Kevin Eiben took Knowlton's with the first-team defense.
  • The recently re-signed Shawn Crable picked up a sack on Henry Burris when the team was scrimmiging from their own three. For a guy who has already been released once before, Crable is trying to make the most of his second opportunity.
  • Another practice and another impressive outing from receiver Chris Duvalt. Every time I see him play he does something to stand out.
  • I feel like no matter what Quinton Porter does, he will never catch a break. He looked quite good out there, but yet I still heard complaints in the stands when he opted to run in a touchdown instead of throw it to his receiver (I believe it was running back Daryl Stephenson). The receiver was open, but so to was the running lane. I wonder sometimes if Porter will ever be accepted by Tiger-Cat fans. I know he has disappointed in the past, but it seems as if everyone else can get a fresh slate but him.
  • Third-string running back James Berezik had a couple nice runs, especially near the goal line. Looks like the Cats will once again have a very deep backfield.
As I said, I didn't see everything. As of now, I plan to be at tomorrow's lone training camp session and probably Monday's afternoon session (weather permitting, of course), before we get into game mode. Yes, we have an actual game to watch this Wednesday. Hard to believe it's already here. My goal for tomorrow is to keep an eye on Cobourne and the running backs as well as the offensive line. Those areas, along with the secondary, are the only ones I haven't focused on during camp.

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  1. Porter is the future as far as I can tell.Patience at the QB position is something Hamiltonians dont have!I often wonder what the last 10 years would have been like if Ti-Cat fans had not of ran AC out of town.