Monday 25 April 2011

Who's Number Four?

With Adam Tafralis being released earlier this week there would seem to be an open Quarterback slot on the roster.

In the past, the Cats have had three QBs on the roster and one on the practice squad. The last two seasons it has been Jason Boltus (who is now the presumptive number-three QB following Tafralis's departure).

It is entirely possible that the Cats won't bring in a fourth Quarterback, as Coach Bellefeuille hinted in the aftermath of Tafralis's release.

But where is the fun in not playing a little virtual GM? So with that I ask a simple question:

Who should be number four?

There are a lot of veterans out there, but we can dismiss them right now. Michael Bishop, Kerry Joseph, Casey Printers, etc. will not be coming in, and rightfully so. Glenn is the starter; Porter is the backup; bringing in a veteran would be pointless.

Perhaps a guy from the NCAA who doesn't or hasn't caught on in the NFL could be headed to Hamilton. A guy like Todd Reesing was in Saskatchewan for training camp last year, and I was high on the former Kansas standout's prospects in the CFL. He was released early on in camp and never resurfaced. A player like Reesing might be a good fit, but I think the Cats should go in another direction.

A direction that would be great for the the league.

A direction that the Toronto Argonauts went in last year. (Yes, I hate to give any credit to the Boatmen, but this one they got right.)

I think even a blind man could see where I'm going with this.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats should bring in a Canadian Quarterback.

If the Cats were to go this route, I think there are two great options sitting out there: Brad Sinopoli and Erik Glavic.

Last season the Toronto Argonauts did something right (for once) and signed Queen's QB Danny Brannagan. Brannagan remained on the team for the entire 2010 season, seeing action the team's last game against the Alouettes in Montreal.

It's time the Tiger-Cats got on board and brought in a Canadian Quarterback, and either Sinopoli or Glavic would fit perfectly.

Glavic is a two-time Hec Creighton award winner (2007, 2009); Sinopoli won the award in 2010. Both players have the talent to turn into something special, and with the Quarterback position being the toughest one for a Canadian to get a shot at, I think the Cats adding one of these two players to its roster would be great for the league and the team.

With the Quarterbacking in the CIS getting better and better, it is only a matter of time before someone takes a chance and it pays off. The Argos have the head start with Brannagan; I think it's time the Tiger-Cats caught up.

Will it happen? I don't know. Should it happen? That's not for me to say. Would I like it to happen? Absolutely! And I don't think I'm alone in that regard either.

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