Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cats Announce New Coach... at Fundraising Dinner? [UPDATE]

While I and, I imagine, most of you was busy watching the federal leaders' debate, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were hosting the "Touchdown Dinner and Awards." The event was to raise funds for Hamilton minor football.

However, at the event the Tiger-Cats decided to announce the hiring of Scott Fawcett as the team's new Special Teams Coordinator.

Don't know much about him except what was written in the linked piece about him being the former Assistant Head Coach at the University of Windsor.

Fawcett is replacing the much-respected Dave Easley. He has big shoes to fill.

UPDATE: Apparently I am unable to read, as Fawcett has been hired as an assistant. My bad. I thought something didn't make sense here.


  1. Unless something has recently developed, Brad Miller is coordinator Josh. I think Fawcett has been hired to assist.

    And I also believe he may have coached for the team in the past.

  2. Oops, my bad. I read the link wrong. It was a very long day. I blame the politicians.