Saturday 9 April 2011

Ti-Cats Release Three

The Tiger-Cats released three players today: Linebacker Shannon James, Defensive Back Will Heyward and Receiver Willie Thornton.

None of the three made much of an impact on the Cats. James didn't play much, mostly contributing on Special Teams. Heyward seemed to show a lot of promise in 2010, and I would have liked to see what he could do with a new system being implemented on Defense. As far as Thornton is concerned, he was hurt in 2010.

These releases don't have the same emotional impact as the Otis Floyd one. I don't mean to demean these players, as I am sure they gave their all, but their contributions were minimal, and I am sure that the team will have no problem filling their positions.

But I wish all three of them the best of luck in the future.

1 comment:

  1. All three were replaceable or have been replaced. Thornton wasn't going to challenge the other three imports we have and the team probably has their eye on a few new guys. Brown can do more than James now and has more upside, in addition to the fact we'll see more new LBs at camp. And signing Francis made Heyward expendable.

    I think Womack is about to show us what he brings to the table. He already has - I've got to believe his weight contributed significantly to the Williams and Francis signings.

    Good luck to the released.