Wednesday 19 May 2010

Season Ticket Pick-up Party

This past Sunday I took the final step and officially became a Hamilton Tiger-Cats season ticket holder. The team threw a party at Ivor Wynne Stadium for all the fans to come pick up their tickets, eat a free Swiss Chalet meal (yes, I drank the Chalet Sauce) and play various games. There were players there to sign autographs and cheerleaders there to ogle. Pretty fun afternoon.

The event was about what I expected. Nothing too Earth shattering, but it was a fun afternoon of reconnecting with a couple of people (shout out to Adam and Pops), and it was such a gorgeous day outside that only the most miserable person on the planet would've been upset.

The lack of beverages was bothersome, but we went out for our customary post-game (or in this case post-party) Slurpee, and all was right with the world. During this Slurpee run, I saw that 7-11 is selling giant Tiger-Cat mugs, so I will have to pick one of those up sometime soon.

All in all it was a fun day, and I can now officially consider myself a season ticket holder. Now, if the season would just start, that would be awesome!

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